The challenges IYER overcame in architectural design

IYER Enigma

With the lush forest on one side, and the contemporary office estate on the other side, the architectural design approach was to adapt to both contexts. Enigma Private Estate found a perfect balance between both by using light floating architecture with hints of timber to represent the forest element, and modern clean lines and forms revealing the influence of the office estate. While each element is represented in the design, IYER had to overcome a few challenges in their design.


“One of the unique challenges we faced in developing the architectural code for Enigma Private Estate was the need to merge the very contemporary language found in the Ridgeside area and office parks into a residential opportunity with character. I think we have found a very pleasing fit between these realms, in the way our forms echo the modern and crisp lines of the office park, yet are much lighter and reveal a stronger residential character,” shares Nathan Iyer, Principal partner and Chief Creative Director at IYER.


Another obstacle faced in architectural design was to create a design code that allowed flexibility and individual expression. IYER moved away from a strict theme or style driven architecture, but still maintained a level of cohesion across the estate.


“I believe we have established the building blocks to achieve this objective, in that the code allows for flexibility and at the same time aligns the development through the use of particular materials, and a common approach to form. Whilst this still needs to be tested as development unfolds over time, I believe the basis for a richer and more varied expression can be achieved within Enigma,” explains Iyer.


Having received a significant response from captains of industry, we look forward to seeing how homeowners and architects respond to the overall vision of a contemporary architecture within Enigma Private Estate.

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