The vision behind Enigma Private Estate

Enigma Private Estate

Enigma Private Estate is situated in a prime area, where it enjoys being close to the beautiful natural coastal forest and sea, and is also adjacent to the corporate world of Umhlanga Ridgeside. It is this central location and the energy that it creates that has inspired the architecture behind Enigma Private Estate. While the area is surrounded by corporate heavyweights, Enigma Private Estate has strategically differentiated itself as a residential estate.


The team behind the architectural vision of Enigma Private Estate are IYER, who have 21 years’ experience in this industry. They are renowned for a number of iconic projects, such as the Point Waterfront Development, Moses Mabhida Stadium Precinct, Cornubia phase 1 housing, Sibaya Coastal Precinct and GO!Durban Stations.


“Whilst taking our clues from the Ridgeside Office Estate, in terms of overall architectural language, it is envisaged that Enigma Private Estate will have a distinctive residential quality expressed in warmer materials and muted tones, such as the introduction of extensive timber cladding which in a way pays homage to the adjacent forest environment. In terms of form, Enigma would echo the modern idiom represented in the office estate relating to the modern, ‘crisp’ forms, but carried out at a domestic scale,” shares Nathan Iyer, Principal partner and Chief Creative Director at IYER.


He continues, “I have been very pleasantly surprised by the many positive responses we have had from future homeowners and architects about the fact that there is a code that actively promotes a ‘modern and contemporary’ architecture, as opposed to various themed estates that force a particular style. I look forward to seeing how they respond to the architectural vision.


Not only concentrating on the visual appeal of Enigma Private Estate, IYER have contemplated the experience of the estate. Knowing that it is centrally located and surrounded by corporate office parks, Enigma Private Estate remains a modern development, however stands apart with warmer materials and muted tones. It ensures that residents experience their surrounds from the natural coastal forest, the glistening ocean and lights of the city bowl.

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