What makes Enigma Private Estate so unique?

Enigma Private Estate

Enigma Private Estate is a family-focused estate in the heart of Umhlanga Ridgeside, that exudes warmth and convenient, modern living. Enigma Private Estate is unlike any other estate in KwaZulu-Natal, as it doesn’t set a specific theme or style in its architectural design, but later provides enough guidance for architects and homeowners to maintain a cohesive look. Enigma Private Estate’s architecture is timeless, allowing homeowners to truly put their individual stamp on their homes.


Nathan Iyer, Principal Partner and Chief Creative Director at IYER, shares; “I think some of the elements that best describe the code, and in a sense its uniqueness, are the contemporary, clean-line aesthetic of simple rectilinear forms. The use of low pitched and flat roofed architecture, as well as the maximum cantilevers and overhangs that introduce architectural floating planes to provide sufficient shading to the interior spaces, make Enigma Private Estate an exceptional place to live.”


He continues “The additional design elements include the tall vertical elements such as the staircases, double volume entrance foyer, or the recessed ground floor level which creates a floating first floor element. The design makes use of natural materials and muted colours, as well as high-level glazing used for optimal natural light and ventilation; all these elements add to the aesthetic and uniqueness of Enigma Private Estate.”

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