Gated and secure

Enigma gated and secure

Enigma Private Gated Estate has identified your safety as a top priority. You can rest assured that residents of Enigma Private Estate are in good hands.

This modern estate will be secured with access control, electrified perimeter fencing, perimeter camera monitoring, entrance CCTV monitoring, a control room to monitor the status, and effective security manpower. With one of the country’s top security consultants appointed, you can expect to have the same standard of security you would find at well-established estates within KwaZulu-Natal.

Along with the estate security, Umhlanga Ridgeside has tried and tested security solutions that are consistently re-evaluated. The public spaces are secured using surveillance cameras and patrol vehicles, all managed from a central control room, which is a management association responsibility; effectively making this an extremely safe area to work and live within.

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